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The clubhouse is located at 8800 Tintinhull Lane.

Homeowners using the clubhouse during pool hours do not have access to the pool through the back clubhouse doors. This door must remain closed at all times during clubhouse use for private parties. Access to the pool from the clubhouse is to be through the pool entrance gate. This policy allows sign in procedures to be followed and also prevents others at the pool from using the clubhouse, which has been reserved for a private function.

If you would like to use the clubhouse, go to the 'Reservations' area. Select the date you are interested in to see what times the Clubhouse is available for use. Select the time you are interested in and follow the instructions. After you have submitted your reservation request, go to the Documents area and then click on the Clubhouse Reservation Agreement link and download the reservation agreement. Then follow the instructions on that form. Once your reservation is processed, you will recieve and email notification confirming the reservation. These areas are only available to Somerset residents.